if all the trains would stop in the same time all the buildings would fall into the river  *

Pioneer works NEW YORK 2016
* extrait from the video

George lewis and George miller with melissa Fenley - hommage to the kitchen and luciana achugar's the sublime is us 

2hours long performance combining the table dance and floor work

what makes you move after experiencing  tino seghal's crowling, 
best done by your friend janine harrington you ve kissed  but you dont remember it and
it was the first thing she told you after you started a conversation with her 
and you really like how she speaks you follow her lips and what she tells you is bit blurred because you try to remember that kiss 

how you are going to move after experiencing two weeks with Benoit La Chambre and 
people with whom you want to dance forever because you saw that they moved like prahistoric animals and once you've entered that rehearsal space you saw dinosaurs moving in the viennese opera studio. they were tired and attentive, aware of the state that they are slowly becoming one body 
they were fool 
but the most real you've ever experienced 

you stay alone
you have no table, your table is floor
nobody is paying
nobody is paying attention

it's your private dance, who wants can undress you
you might be considered as garbage 
you might feel as useless prostitute  
and it's pleasurable 

you stretch your leg, you show your curved ass
your knee waits until you're done with stretching and then fuck you
go back to your shell, fold it and stretch your spine 
your gaze is present but belongs to another world

performance podporené Fondom na Podporu Umenia


   House of Art, Brno, Czech republic 2016
lecture performance 15 min 
referring to Emma Lady Hamilton’s emancipatory performing practice called Attitudes or Mimoplastic art developed in 18th century.

She was born Amy Lyon 
She was raised by her mother

She later changed her name to Emma Hart.

She was Circe
She was Medea 
She was Sybile
She was Cassandra
She was Cleopatra
She was a whore

She later changed her name to Lady Hammilton

She was Bacchante
She was Magdalene
She was Titania
She was Ariadna
She was a whore 
She was a sister at home

She later changed her name to Mercury

Emma use to work as a model for romantic painter George Romney and in Attitudes she combines Romney's practice of quoting classical poses of female heroines from Greco-Roman mythology with modern allure as the basis for her act. 

With Attitudes first performed in Naples Emma gained a huge success in Europe. 
From Medea to Queen Cleopatra she charmed aristocrats, artists such as Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun, writers – including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – and kings and queens alike, setting off new dance trends across Europe and starting a fashion for a draped Grecian style of dress.

Emma had by then become not only a close personal friend of Queen Maria Carolina, but had developed into an important political influence. She advised the Queen on how to react to the threats from the French Revolution. As Maria Carolina's sister Marie Antoinette had fallen a victim to the Revolution….

Helio x Kato

Galerie 207, Prague CZ 2016  
instalation: 3 monitors, 2 projections, metal strings

projection depicts first four minutes of the video of the famous fight between two biggest personas in Jiu jitsu and Judo world. Hélio Gracie from Brasil, vs. Yukio Kato from Japan  in November 1950.  
Usually the fight would start immediately, here they are holding each other not able to start, because who starts becomes automatically victim of the other one 

Second projection depicts the process of practicing aikido principals in order to not wake up the sleeping boyfriend. 

Today is Thursday tomorrow Friday

Elesko gallery, Slovakia 2016
instalation: tv, straws, roll of paper and projection

Landscape with two poems - Karel Jaromír Erben's Vodník (the Waterman) and Arthur Rimbaud's Bateau  ivre (The drunken boat). 

Turtle and the priest tattoo
collection of residency Petrolio,  AMT gallery 2016

photography of the tattoo inspired by the set of drawings done during the residency Petrolio in Puglia, Italy

The drawings are related to two situations.
First is linked to the way to Torre Guaceto, where we found the dead turtle with the broken shell.
Second one was a loop. Because of no internet in the residency, each third day we were obliged to go to Serra Nova to catch the wifi : We were sitting in front of the Leo's bar and at 9pm the old priest accompanied by two young persons pass in front of us and greet us. 

I offered her the motive of the dead turtle broken shell within the priest story in order to support the sublimation of the dead turtle's body into her body and the initiation of her own priest story.

undoing invisible
Artfilm, Trenčianske Teplice 2014-2015
Instalation inside of the building of LD Machnáč :  drawings, video, sound (projection and speakers from outside)
Installation with Lucie Mičíková , sound by Matúš Wiederman
Project in cooperation with Abandoned recreation : Martin Zajíček, Andrea Kalinová 

Schovat se pod rouškou tmy a dělat věci neviditelné *
To hide under the drape of dark and do invisible things 

Honza Černá Krejcarová-  furious poet and daughter of Jaromír Krejcar

The project was initiated by Abandonned Recreation (Martin Zajíček and Andrea Kalinová) and it took place during the Artfilm festival in 2014 and 2015. It was dedicated to one of the most prominent examples of modernist Slovakian architecture - LD Machnáč in Trenčianske Teplice. It was designed by Jaromír Krejcar in 1929 and built in 1932, and due to doubtful commercial interests it is nowadays in an utterly dilapidated condition. 

Abandonned Recreation has been trying to signal this unfortunate situation for a few years now. That is why, in 2014, we decided to occupy and squat in the space of Machnac (where public is not allowed to enter) - to understand its architecture, its historical context and its contemporary meaning.

documentation of instalation here

to watch film here

film : 7'15''

performances by: Karol Filo, Barbora Janáková, Zuzana Žabková 

music by : Matúš Wiederman
director of photography: Dušan Husár
scenography: Karol Filo, Lucie Mičíková
sound: Tomáš Košjar
edit: Zuzana Žabková
production: Janka Suržinová, Miroslav Gerbel

THE collaboration with Lucie Mičíková starts
project When the peaks of our sky connect, our house will have a roof* begins
photo taken in gallery Svit, Praha 2014

*Paul Éluard/ Gaston Bachelard



Dům osvobozený od svých pater /House freed from its floors
Kostka gallery, Prague, 2015

curator: Chiara Vecchiarelli



Až se vrcholky našeho nebe spojí, můj dům bude mít střechu / "When the peaks of our sky connect, our house will have a 

East Slovak gallery VSG, 2015

curator: Lucia Kvočáková