Jozef Novak reading lorem ipsum in front of green screen         2010 
hd video, 7´ 54 ´´(Medium gallery, Bratislava)

The name Jozef Novak works as a variable, a template, i.e. in document templates (cover letter, C.V. etc.) Behind the name we automatically imagine a different name (person) suitable within the context. The blind text 'Lorem Ipsum' works according to a similar principle - it functions only as a mock visual component. Lorem Ipsum is a pseudo-latin text, that is used for testing layout of pages. The green screen is a is a screen that is 'keyed' in a film cutting software - meaning it is replaced by any other background. The video  is a tautology with three variables (of place, person and space) where i am aiming to offer to the audience space to substitute the variable for their own conception of the variables.