Une élevation arrondi retirée   2011
single video. 1´55 ´´

It is the kind of effort to create „total ballet“, where the libretto is literally /exactly/very strictly shown in dance. The method of composing the choreography is reversed in such way, that the move is formed and defined by its own language, which works here as a dual language: dance (language) and semantic (French - Slovak). The libretto for Une élevation arrondi retirée (noble roundness abandoned), which sounds in the video is based on the academic ballet dictionary and it is „literally“ create on the basis of its substantive significance. The video is a recording of the rehearsal, where the sequence of the choreography is dictated to the performers by the choreographer. It is a tautological game, which has tendency to try hand at achievement of total ballet, which wants egocentrically speaks for itself.