Pro Rrózu /For Rrose

Am.180, Prague, Czech republic, 2013
On the stage, Gallery Apart, Rome , IT 2014

The exhibition is inspired by main plot of the Aldoux Huxley´s mystery novel (from the book with the same name) The Gioconda´s smile. Instalation also follows the strategy of Marcel Duchamp´s piece L.H.O.O.Q., where the smile of Gioconda was the first impuls for the birth of a new portrait of Mona Lisa in intentions of manifesto of Duchamp´s ready made. The quotations of the titles from Duchamp´s other pieces wants to highlight the erotical overtone of key moments in novel.  For Rrose is fade-over of romantic reading about Rrose Sélavie and pedantic secret love of heroine Miss Spence (art collector with G´s smile) to married hero Mrs Hutton.