De profundis        
Open gallery, Bratislava 2012

single video 4´33´´ 

music: Michel-Richard de Lalande, Arvo Pärt, Wolfgang Mozart, Michel-Richard de Lalande, Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart, Jozef Rosinský, Christoph Wilbald Gluck, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Arvo Pärt, Roman Berger

De profundis is single-channel video, which works with the theme of the psalm of the same name (psalm 130). It is one of the penitent psalm, which can be found in Old Testament. It is used in Jewish and Christian liturgy. Because of its expressive richness in finding the humility is De profundis very popular basis of musical compositions, the basis for the prayer of their composers. Video De profundis lead us through the concert hall, where we observe conductors conducting different De profundis (their favourite adaptation). The conductors, release from their usual staffage – orchestra in the concert hall, are not conducting the music, they dance. The usual conducting „solo“on the stage is, in this case, changing to the choreography. His dominant role is taking greater humility in the group. Conductor exempt from his environment is turning his role inside. By this exposure he balances on the edge between profaneness and sacral.