THE ZONE, To, čo nevidím je tu, je absolútne, neodvolateľne prítomné a predsa odsunuté         2012
Performance with Lucka Mičíková (Performance group, Mira Gaberova´s appartement , Bratislava)

Dear friends and performers,
We would like to invite you to our performance that will take place in Mirka Gaberova's apartment this Thursday, 16. 8. 2012 at 21:00.
This event called ☛THE ZONE, That what I don't see is here, it is absolute, irreversibly present and yet postponed.☚ consists in playing with the camera shot (film) and a real space of an apartment.  Our aim is to create a record of an event where none of the people present can be spotted (during PERFORMANCE GROUP, the camera always stands in the same place, in front of the bedroom door).  The title is borrowed, to an extent, from the film Stalker by Andrej Tarkovsky.  The Zone is a sector of the world, the Zone is a strange, abandoned place, a place left by all people.  Thus opens a road towards further imaginations and fantasies.
We are looking forward to your visit,
Lucka and Zuzka.