House of Art, Brno, Czech republic 2016
perf. 20 min 
referring to Emma Lady Hamilton’s emancipatory performing practice called Attitudes or Mimoplastic art developed in 18th century.

She was born as Amy Lyon 
She was raised by her mum
She later changed her name to Emma Hart.
She was Circe
She was Medea 
She was Sybile
She was Cassandra
She was Cleopatra
She was a whore
She later changed her name to Lady Hammilton
She was Bacchante
She was Magdalene
She was Titania
She was Ariadna
She was a whore 
She was a sister at home
She later changed her name to Mercury

Emma use to work as a model for romantic painter George Romney and in Attitudes she combines Romney's practice of quoting classical poses of female heroines from Greco-Roman mythology with modern allure as the basis for her act. 

With Attitudes first performed in Naples Emma gained a huge success in Europe. 
From Medea to Queen Cleopatra she charmed aristocrats, artists such as Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun, writers – including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – and kings and queens alike, setting off new dance trends across Europe and starting a fashion for a draped Grecian style of dress.

Emma had by then become not only a close personal friend of Queen Maria Carolina, but had developed into an important political influence. She advised the Queen on how to react to the threats from the French Revolution. As Maria Carolina's sister Marie Antoinette had fallen a victim to the Revolution….