if all the trains would stop in the same time all the buildings would fall into the river  *
Pioneer works NEW YORK 2016

* extrait from the video

George lewis and George Miller with Melissa Fenley 
thank u the kitchen and luciana achugar's the sublime is us 

performance : 2h 
combining the table dance and the somatic cuddling with the floor 

what makes you move after experiencing  tino seghal's crawling, 
best done by your friend janine harrington you ve kissed  but you dont remember it and
it was the first thing she told you after you started a conversation with her 
and you really like how she speaks you follow her lips and what she tells you is a bit blurred because you try to remember that kiss 

how you are going to move after experiencing two weeks with Benoit La Chambre and 
people with whom you want to dance forever because you saw that they moved like prahistoric animals and once you've entered that rehearsal space you saw dinosaurs moving in the viennese opera studio. they were tired and attentive, aware of the state that they are slowly becoming one body 
they were fool 
but the most real you've ever experienced 

you stay alone
you have no table, your table is a floor
nobody is paying
nobody is paying attention

it's your private dance, who wants can undress you
you might be considered as garbage 
you might feel as useless prostitute  
and it's pleasurable 

you stretch your leg, you show your curved ass
your knee waits until you're done with stretching and then fuck you
go back to your shell, fold it and stretch your spine 
your gaze is present but belongs to another parallel world

performance supported by Slovak Arts Council